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Maine Coons

Bonita - daughter of famous Deneboly and Richard. From her began our acquaintance with a remarkable breed of maine coon. Many thanks to Anna ( Maine Coon Cattery Russi Mystic) for this glorious cat.We had planned that Bonita will participate in the breeding work of our kennel. However, the first birth and feeding six kids badly influenced on her health. As a result it was decided to sterilize our favorite girl. It was very difficult decision. But it had to be done despite the fact that her kittens were born with perfect type and weight. And subsequent matings would certainly be no less interesting and effective, but the health of the animal was more important to us. Therefore, we keep in the nursery the two kittens of her first and only litter, hoping to consolidate and improve the breed line, which gave Denebola to Bonita. At the moment, the girl lives with us as our favorite pet and the head of the cat's family.

Father: WW-06 Moscow Stars, Sir Richard Bassington
n 22 03
Mother: Eur.Ch Denebola Kocurro*PL
Show 1 Ex1 (25.02.07)- Ch WCF
2 Ex1 (15-16.12.07)


2 years
Maine Coon Bonita Maine Coon Bonita 2
Bonita 3 Maine Coon Bonita 4
Maine Coon Bonita 5